OldTimer Aps. Your provider of classiccar and oldtimer windshields

OldTimer is a specialized company headquartered in Viborg, Denmark. It was founded by former Danglas owner Viggo Hansen

OldTimer specializes in providing car windshields for classic and retro cars and has over 1500 different windshield models in its main warehouse in Viborg, which also houses Viggo Hansens other enterprises. You can find information about these enterprises on gurli.dk.
The idea for OldTimer came after many years of working with DanGlas ,where Viggo Hansen has experienced the demand for a specialized provider of products and services for classic car windshields, which can not only supply windshields from a variety of manufacturers, but is also able to replicate these products in-house.

We have no limits on our ability to send our products all around the world. You can visit our website below and make a request.

Don’t give up getting a special windscreen until you have tried contacting OldTimer Aps Denmark.