Auto Technical Center Danmark

Auto Technical Center Denmark is an international resource center that educates and inspires people to combine theoretical knowledge with practical skills.
The center aims for a holistic approach to the automotive sector, and includes, mercantile, technical and administrative competences.
Auto Technical Center (ATC) offers a wide choice of aftermarket training, including sales-, management- and technical training.
Auto Technical Center Denmark has its own modern, high technological workshop- and training facilities. We have the ambition to educate and train professionals who can help ensure and promote a high level of knowledge and knowhow in the automotive sector.
ATC is the headquarters of the Renault Nordic Academy Denmark. In the same way, the Nissan aftermarket training in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands is provided by ATC. In addition to Renault and Nissan, ATC is also providing aftermarket training for VW/Audi, Bosch, Au2parts, Mekonomen, Würth, AutoPlus, Elektropartner, Förch and ScanAuto Dybroe Group.
Compulsory subjects:
• Component technology and design
• Electronic principles and systems
• Driving systems and vehicle dynamics
• IT diagnosis systems
• Sales, service and customer care
• Operational and financial management
• HR management
• Organisation, communication and projectmanagement